1.  Retail Manager

Responsible for:  
  Managing the Budget
  Overseeing the Facility
  Supporting Woods Hall Mission
  Retail and Gallery Operations
  Design and Maintain Merchandise Presentation
  Oversee Marketing and Sales Communications

The manager will meet bi-monthly with Board Chair; train cashiers regarding standards and expectations of customer service; be trained in the use of Tablet and Square system; supervise the Gallery Assistant, Cashiers, and Artisans; have on-site facilities oversight; communicate with Studio Manager on needs and building use; liase with Bookkeeper and Treasurer regarding budget and finances; be a Cashier (esp. weekends and high season as needed).

 Experience desired: retail management and gallery design, staff supervision, computer, working with non-profits

Time and Compensation:

         (May through October: 6 months)
25 hours/week x 26 wks x $16/hr        $10,400

          (November-December: two months)
5 hours/week x 9 wks x $16/hr             $720


Send Resume and Letter of Intent by March 30, 2018 to:
Woods Hall Board Chair
Rev. Marina Lachecki
P.O. Box 497
La Pointe, WI  54850

2.  Janitor

Clean Woods Hall bathroom
Sweep/mop gallery floors
Take garbage/recyclables to MIRF
Clean windows
Dust all wood cabinets/shelves                                         
Check furnace filters, light bulbs and supplies

Compensation:   $14/hour
                              6 hrs/week    May through October
                              6 hrs/month  November through April 

Send Resume and Letter of Intent by March 30, 2018 to:
Woods Hall Board Chair
Rev. Marina Lachecki
P.O. Box 497
La Pointe, WI  54850



Woods Hall is open through the Winter. Stop by for original art by local artists. We feature paintings, cards, knitted scarves, mittens and hats, as well as Madeline Monsters, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, weaving, felted and printed textiles...and much more!

Saturdays  11 am - 3 pm
Sundays   11 am - 1 pm
by appointment and chance


Woods Hall had a spectacular year filled with friends, classes, demonstrations, and great art! We enjoyed our renovated gallery and updated studio spaces for weaving, felting and pottery.
Thanks to a Pace Woods grant, Woods Hall will again be able to offer opportunities for learning and mentoring by experienced artists in pottery, jewelry and weaving. Much gratitude goes out to the co-op members and friends who make this possible! 

Contact Joan Slack at joanslack33@gmail.com  for more information.

How to get involved at Woods Hall Gallery and Studios!

We welcome everyone to join the Woods Hall community and take the opportunity to learn new skills, take classes, sell work in the gallery, volunteer, and be part of our ever-evolving, exciting programs and events.

Use the Studios   

An annual $25 studio/gallery fee is charged for everyone who uses the studio space at Woods Hall. This entitles you to use equipment and facilities. We currently have  pottery, weaving, jewelry and felting studios. Each studio has policies and fees for materials, and a studio manager who can assist you with learning everything you need to know about working in that studio space.

To get started see the appropriate studio manager, talk to our staff, and pay your membership fee. Someone will be on hand to help you get oriented.

Sell Your Work

People who live on the island or have a strong connection to Madeline Island can use the studios and sell artwork in the gallery, upon approval by the Artisan Review Committee. An annual $25 studio/gallery fee, which allows you to sell your work, is required, and the percentage of commission taken by the Gallery is based upon your hours worked. A packet is available at the front desk with all the information. The fee is annual, and all must reapply, refresh work for sale, and submit paperwork each year.


We have many people who love Woods Hall and want to volunteer. We have a variety of jobs: cashiering, fixing-up tasks, helping us maintain the building, helping at events and classes, etc. We can always use a helping hand or two!


Become a Friend of Woods Hall member with an annual contribution that will help support our operating budget, provide scholarships, and allow for building maintenance.  To join the "Friends of Woods Hall" group,  stop by the front desk for information, or call us at 715-747-3943 to be sent information on joining or contributing.

Attend events

Throughout the year we have special events such as artist demonstrations, mini-exhibitions, and pop-up classes. There is always something interesting happening!

Contact us with any questions!       715-747-3943      




Woods Hall is an association of artists and craftspeople who have a close connection to Madeline Island, which is the largest of the Apostle Islands on the south shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin. Madeline Island has a long artistic and craft tradition, beginning with the Native Americans who first settled on the island. Missionaries and French fur traders started to explore this region in the late 1600's, choosing the island for a trading post and mission, and the English and Americans followed. Hardy settlers farmed and fished and logged here, and in the late 1800's "summer people"  seeking respite in nature discovered the island. All have brought creative skill, artistic vision and a strong sense of community to the island, leaving a legacy of  beautiful and functional objects, and an interwoven history. The artisans of Woods Hall, including descendants of earlier inhabitants, as well as those more recently seduced by the island's magic, are proud to be participants in this unfolding story.

Fun with weaving - class of 2016

Fun with Raku Firing and Clay at Woods Hall!